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Release date : 15/09/2002

Duration : 0:03:23

Style : Alternative

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Hello boys and girls this is allastaire cookie
Welcome to monsterpiece theatre
Babababa bababababababababababababababab
Wanna hear a little story? about the war and the glory
Of one big ugly family?
Living in a bell tower that's full to capacity?
See there's this batman and he's got no skeleton and he's got five shadows and they're pinning him to the ground.
Self-loathing shadows and their pinning the ground
And now i've got facial discobedience x2
His sister's out there for revenge she got hurt once now she's gotta hurt again, doesn't even want to do it and, she hates herself for doing it and she wonders why she wonders why the siren wonders why
She has to transfer the sh-t some moron gave to her, she flies from one set of shoulders to the next, she can feel the grip of the handle where the knife ends...on her neck.
And now i've got facial disobedience x2
Bells are ringing, the bats are screaming, its open season, up in the belltower and in my head and everywhere
And that's the story, of the war and the glory, sign up for your death so you can march unto the lead and try to hold onto your head until you die.

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