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The Echoing Green

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Release date : 22/06/2003

Duration : 0:05:56

Style : Pop

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"it feels so cold", i hear you say
I see your eyes are turning gray
And your tears, they hide away
So i cant find you

I feel you stand, i feel you sway
I feel you push your strength away
Surrendering to hopelessness embrace
I cant let you, if you

Fall awake
Ill try to save you
Nothing can take you down to

Fall awake
Ill try to race you
Ill try to chase you down

Fall awake
Ill try to shake you
Northing can bring you around to

Fall awake
Nothing can faze you
Nothing can break you down

And your dreams, they feel displaced
And your kiss brings better taste
And my hands, they touch your face
But i cant feel you

If i could wake up standing in your place
If i could kiss the teardrops from your face
And if i could dress your wounds in place
You know id try to

Fall awake

If you find youre reaching for the height
Wishing for an ending to this plight
And if your heart cant beat in time
Reach, reach, take mine

Fall awake

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