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Release date: 1. november 1999
Album: welcome to zididada

I know you know
Everybody here is happy
We know they know
Everybody feels the magic

You may find yourself one day staring at the sun
Wondering why you worked so hard
Having all but fun

Slavery from nine till five
Ain't the life you need
The boss you have will put you down
He won't set you free

Cause he know you won't be coming back
He know you won't be coming back - heey

I know you know...

Broken back is all you get from working night and day
Give yourself some pleasuretime take a trip away
Sad to say but and okay allways on the run
Promise i'll be back one day and we will have some fun

Cause you know i will be coming back
You know i will be coming back - yeeah

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the ?buti? - contest of zididada
Here we have the most ?buties? of the world
Not even americanos can compete with that...

I know you know...

Come on be happy now
You know i allways will
Until the day that i'll be gone
You gotta find the thrill
Heey be happy now you
Know i always will
Until the day that you'll be gone you gotta find the thrill.

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