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Cash Roseanne

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I sailed in on the good intent
With all intentions clear
A man without a mystery
A vision brought me here
The ocean gave me room to roam
But the shore in calling out
So i will marry, build a home
And see what that's about

Children came by dozens then
Drifting south like rain
I work the soil, i use the gun
The waves have turned to grain
I tried to love this arkansas
With black and bleeding hands
I will not survive this life
But i'll become a man

My brother sold my mother's house
I never shed a tear
I could watch the world in smoke
There's nothing for me here
I've seen behind the darkened veil
And it's all i want to know
So i'll sail off on the good intent
To my true happy home
Yes i'll sail off on the good intent
Never more to roam

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