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Close the door
Bring your faith
Take my hand
And give me
One last chance to say

Sorry for those times i made you cry
Sorry for the thousand times i lied

Last time we went to canada
And i missed your birthday didn't call
I'm sorry about that girl
All those endless sleepless nights you spent
All alone and wondering where i am
Where i am and why

I know you're the only one who would
Do this for me believe in me
And you know i'm really gonna try
I'm trying

Just wait and bring your faith for one last time
And i swear i'll make you mine
Don't hang the phone up like last time

Last year when we split up for just six months
Maybe i had to realise needed time
I know that i really want you
Cannot be without you
For just one day

I need you to feed me
With your temptation your frustration
And you know i'm really trying

Hold on to what we've got
And forget what i said
It was never meant that way

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