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Skinny Puppy

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Release date : 01/01/1992

Duration : 0:03:4

Style : Alternative

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"i've got no fucking monitor"
"i've got no fucking monitor"

All your fucking monitors
Seeing through the keyhole
Watching master beating her

Creep (video?) (hits?/eats?) her

Faced with death

(ratting?) you
Great to be a k-9 closer to (unasured?)

(watch?) your rich perversions

Wouldn't you think i have no thought

Wouldn't you think i have no thought

It's a strange decision when the foe bears the control

When with (them?/pain?) i sit in dung crying through a purr-snore

When i've got the hunger rest (in peace?) so he'll be there

With the last attatchment food withdrawal i cannot bear
Simple calculation now the steps are (false rich?)

Shot claw

Vision recked

(?voices in backgrnd)

It's not fit to piss in

Why not move so i won't stay
Kick me out in out

(toss?/force?) my effects (inside the ???/in solitairy?/in solidarity?)

Open your eyes thanks for a kick
Worry (understand?/understatement?)

Feign emotion don't turn around

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