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Twenty years of trying to forget
Trying not to cry
As the longest days go by
She remembers how they used to be
What did he go through
She never ever really knew

In her dreams he comes to life
Telling her she'll be alright
Like he did before he went away

I leave tonight
You'll be alright
You'll be alright
It's not goodbye
Please don't cry
I'll be alright

After that she lived in fear for him
Till the day she heard
The soldiers would return
Always tried hard to get over him
He said it's not goodbye

All this time
In her head he always stayed alive
Everyday she makes herself look nice for him
She still thinks one day
He will return to her from far away
If he doesn't she knows one day
She'll join him

She can't forget
The words he said
Before he left
I'll be alright

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