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Everlasting Victory

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On my way, to my home,
I stood and cry to, the top
Of my head collides, standing,
On top of my house. i see the
Pain, from the top of heaven
Will see, all my life, will wash

For all my struggles to my eyes.
I cried the pain, i pray for him.
Then i see all of my struggles,
I fall asleep, and just cry.

(slow guitar melody solo)

I just dreamed, about my stress,
Nowhere to live, no place to run.
Then i know all my fears, that i
Looked up, to my future. so i wait,
Till the end, night falls, the winter
Is high.
(repeat chorus)

(chorus harmony, bass/tenor)
All those pain, all my struggles.
I see a sign, death is waiting.
And all those pain, all my
Struggles. i pray to god, to
Show me my hope.

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