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Kate Tempest

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Release date : 17/10/2014

Duration : 0:03:45

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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It's all relative, right?

One thought, many thinkers.
One flame, many cinders.
One view, many windows.

Love in a time without sacrifice.
We want what we want

And what's more, we deserve it.

We run around panicking
Nervous, thinking,

Could this be the one?
Man, they're perfect.

Couple years later,

You're chained to the circuit.
Breaking them down.
As if you're determined to waste what you've found.

But what's true about you?

Is it the things that you claim to be true,
Or is it deeper?

Lurking in places that you

Don't dare to journey to.

faced with a new

Way of seeing it

Are you type to accept

Or the type to clench fists and reject?

Whose truth even counts?

Is it the person who doubts

what a person proclaims they're about?
Whose version is perfect?

Is there a truth that exists

Outside of perception?

this is the question.

It's true if you believe it.

the world is the world

But it's all how you see it.

One man's flash of lightning ripping through the air
Is another's passing glare, its hardly there.

Two people.

one thinks two's deceitful.
Two thinks one's plain evil.
One loved two so much it was like worship.
Two thought one was perfect.

One said to two,

'i'm awful, trust me

You're so pure that you should not touch me.'
Two said,
'i don't care, i love you

I can't wait to know you.'

One said,
'i'm scared, i will show you,

The bad side that i don't like.'

Two said,
'be yourself and i will be myself.

We don't need no one else

with their opinions.

The past is gone, let's move on,

make present.'

Two said,

'ok, you're the best.'

Well, you know the rest -

It all went sour.

And now two thinks one is mad for power.
One thinks two tried to devour

Everything that made one one

But two thinks one got two too wrong.
So if there's one truth that lasts forever
Can two truths ever exist together?

if one loves two but two don't love
Whose truth is true and is truth enough?

It's true if you believe it

the world is the world

But it's all how you see it.

One man's flash of lighting ripping through the air
Is another's passing glare, it's hardly there.

In the back of the cab

The girls look at each other, like,

'what the fuck was that?'

'i thought it was that in da club one.'

'i don't know,' says the driver,
'i never liked rap.'
'well, can't you put it on magic then,

Or something like that?'

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