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If u ain't got no place 2 stay/come on baby 'round this way stay with me baby/but let me tell u how it's gonna b ain't no room 4 disagree/1+1+1 is 3 there's a theocratic order./there's a theocratic order now this is how it's gonna b/if u wanna b with me take ur tie and think it thru/if this is what u wanna do i ain't really that hard 2 please/'cause 1+1+1 is 3 stroke ur hair a hundred times/let me c what i can find d u know about the order./do u know about the order, now? the banished ones: "we are the banished ones and we have come 2 dance if u will not let us, we'll have 2 kick ur pants!" make me wanna do something. who's that knockin' on the door?/didn't we throw u out b4? we could b surrounded in the palace i'm 'bout 2 get rowdy!/i'm 'bout 2 get rowdy, now! "everybody wants 2 get u!"/i don't care how many y'all just came 2 dance? let me c u shake ur pants/we don't give a duck what u got on u just need 2 work that sexy body all nite long/come on where them banished ones at?/"said they 'round the back" don't cut 'em no slack/"i'm gon' tap, tap, tap" but should i keep this party going?/"brotha u know that!" if we can't do it, nobody can! moneyapolis, sing-rainbow children, raise ur hands u know what we got 2 do! here they come y'all/rally 'round the palace now how'd that fool get up in here? snagglevoice.

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