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Kanye West

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Yo it's the lake shore drive
Keep it live, tight, raw
You better hurry up, they can't keep it in the store
To be the format, your whole style on one beat
Insert the disk, watch a nigga press delete
Tryna flex your technique
You gettin' blasted with a tec, that shit is mad ironic
Like alanis morisette, you try but can't jet
Bunch of airline lyrics, rhymes for low fare
Flyin' out of o'hare
While these no-name ass niggas wanna go there, nobodies
Livin' three blocks from nowhere, down the street from nothin'
Let me show these niggas somethin', visual aid, the page
And the nigga who fronted, word to god, they don't want it
But they wanna play the role, actin' hardcore
Watch the whole career, flow, my style is too cold
Always, forever like luther, but it ain't original
Because i stole it from the future, now i'm wanted in three centuries
The verbal killin', ask me where i got the style
Told 'em from my grandchildren, put it on files
Document it in the books
You niggas can't see me so cease the hard looks
I'll rather it get took
Live and die for rhymes, dedicated to hip-hop
Shit don't stop
Niggas they wanna know what and who's next
And you roll up in a lex
That's the train stop, my brain drop mad lyrics
I rhyme with the spirit off the top, i drop nonstop
Verbally killin', my style is ready to willin'
Y'all niggas stay back chillin'
Like epmd y'all niggas ain't seein' me, what
We're enormous, nah, do or die
I got the rhymes on the brain
They tried to bomb me on the plane so i rode the train
Before i got here (?)
I'm 'bout to save this shit, yo it's my year, what!?
Bring it on, pass it to my man tariq
Rock the mic all week

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