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Against All Authority

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Release date : 21/03/2000

Duration : 0:01:57

Style : Alternative

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We're under attack a knife in the back form you the sirens wail and i'm on my way gotta list of your needs and wants tied to the world with these four strings i play is all i got for you line 'em up and we'll knock 'em down 24 hour roadside resistance and they're always out of tune all i got is this raging sound just one match will burn this town we make and you take what's not bolted down and you'd look so pretty with your head on fire you brought me down but joe's amplifier association of thieves and liars cut through my body and i'm feeling higher resist- we're under attack a knife in the back from you i tie my hands with these four strings i play we make our home wherever we lay and i break one every other day get your guitar cord and hang 'em high -alright! like a piñata we'll smash 'em for what's inside then i'll be satisfied waiting in the shadows for you to respond you sent us a letter. we wrote you a song the structure's weak but the message is strong you lit the fuse. we hold the bomb.

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