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pochette album 4 thoze of u
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Release date : 12/04/2010

Duration : 0:03:52

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

sonnerie téléphone portable pour 4 thoze of u

You hear that? what? what? woah! outta control we off the train tracks homeboy me and madrox, rocking bitches, slapping the world take a sip, it makes me stronger than the stongest man paint a picture like picasso, from your blood when it drips i say some shit to make your toes curl quick, little bitch and my mind takes a journey to the farthest land i'm the whole world's kryptonite i got these bitches on they knees, kissing hands, crying begging for they life gotta go, run you just a hoe, true you ain't a juggalo i'm a put your knife to the neck (slice) (believe dat) (?) you get your head split, quick, some shit they can't stitch i'm a scrub for life, don't let the hair style (?) those who don't know it, i'm monoxide, blaze up a smoke with a bag of weed looking to blow it and pass that shit to your boy, and give his bitch a choke 4 thoze of u that don't know (chorus x2) never blow hydro are you afraid to go where i go? even though, call yourself a juggalo telling everybody that you dowwwwn for thoze of u that don't know (hmm?), it's mr. madrox (fuck yeah!) first name, jamie, can't nobody see me and my brother m-o-n-o one the m-i-c with thug mentality (that's right) and basically my little brother blaze, put it down we represent the vicinity of the east (eastside!) but there'll be no love for hoes or the police (all you thugs put yo shit on!, biyatch!) what you thought it was? bumping weak shit need to get some hatchet in your life (yay! yay!) cause you perpetrating, like we don't know yesterday you was a hater, but today you's a juggalo (biyatch!) you just a false wearing sheep nanny ghost trying to turn you in the shot (believe it is!) trying to fall up in the flock, with that same mopey dope (mopey dope) second hand south scanned underground and plus a hundred grand so fuck a fan base, show me family faces no matter they size, shape, or races (chorus x2) first off! (here we go!) who better trip and get the sawed off pointed to the back of your head, acting like the dead don't play, 12 shells a day still put it down for my g's around the way (hey! hey!) better watch your mouth homeboy, i'll powerplex you (ow!) into the mat, now picture that hey, ain't nobody try to step to your styles so skinny your noise is... (hella, hella! phat, phat!) phat enough to kick it with a gang of hoodrats move it back to your jaw like a side effect (and fuck you hoodrat hoes in the projects) in the back of a chicken shack (clucking) who wanna ride wit me, cause i'm headed eastward bound got a 12 gauge, and i'm holding it down call the t-w-i-z-t-i-d-b-l-a-z-e and we ride till infinity (chorus x5) i hate everyone, i hate everyone, i hate everyone, i hate everyone (thanks to for these lyrics)

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