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They Might Be Giants

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They might be giants are happy to be on a radio program
For the first time in their long-illustrious careers
1985 has been a very good year for they might be giants

In january, bill began at a new school
Everyone liked him, and he likes everything
In march, we were all trapped deep inside a subway car
Racing down tracks going faster and much faster
Until they never let us out a full ten blocks later

In april, we all sang a duet with tina turner
In a way it was nice, and it was our favorite song
But we spent the entire summer resting up
Looking for some vital link missing in the big picture
Bill said he had found it, but in fact he had lost it

Well, in september bill chipped a tooth skyriding
Far above the planet earth and then came the end of the year
When we were on our very last radio show
Which we are glad that you have become a part of

Thank you for listening to they might be giants
We do have a dial-a-song service at 718-387-6962
Service at 718-387-6962
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