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Sesame Street

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Voice #1: i heard a bark. go out and see what it is.
Voice #2: a bark?
Voice #1: go on and see.
Voice #2: okay, but it's awfully dark out here.
(there might be a line here i don't recall. we see the light from a flashlight shining around. suddenly, the sound of knocking into something is heard.)
Voice #1: what happened? i heard a bump.
Voice #2: oh, it's just me. i tripped over that broken chair.
Voice #1: an old broken chair? can't you take that to the dump?
Voice #2: not in the dark, i can't. now leave me alone! (pause. light shines around.) sure is dark out here ... (pause.) wait a minute? did you hear a little, tiny bark?
Voice #1: no, i didn't hear a bark.
Voice #2: well, i was sure i heard a ...
Voice #3: bark!
Voices #1 and #2: yeeeooowww!
(light shines on the owner of the third voice --a spotted brown puppy.)
Puppy: can you give me directions to the park? rrruff!

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