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Release date : 08/04/2002

Duration : 0:07:31

Style : Alternative

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I have worked out every small detail
In this plan i've made.
This thing which cannot fail.
I dare myself to do this one thing.
You can have my car
Go and take everything.

All that's good is gone.
It's gone
I have tried too long.

I don't think i'll miss my mom & dad,
The class i cut,
All the friends i never had.,
These things i won't miss,
Won't miss me.

My house,
My block,
The baby bird i set free.
The dance that i was never asked to,
The teachers
That thought they knew me.
They'll all remember what i did.
They'll ask "whose fault was it?"
"oh she was just a kid."

I'll be glad to go, you see.
You don't even know me.
Not at all.

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