Lyrics of A very special way

Marty Robbins

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I love you in a very special kind of way
In fact so much that words could never really say
I love you, never knowing that you cared for me
Until i needed you then i could really see

That love between us was a card or letter
Or something that you'd send me to make me feel better
A box of candy or a big bouquet
Has made me love you in a special way

A card that shows me tryin' to catch a pretty nurse
Or one with just a name and lovely bible verse
A telegram, a phone call, made each day complete
And all these things have put me back on my two feet

So here's to you, may all your skies be always blue
And thanks again for helping when i needed you
Oh, it seems so little, what else can i say
I love you in a very special way

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