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The Gamits

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Release date : 31/01/2010

Duration : 0:03:18

Style : Rock

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Kyle t. oh what you and you're friends must think
About me and my geriatric crew.
It's a shame. like every other kid i meet.
You're stuck out here with nothing else to do.
So we'll go down to the rock pile, slam some brews.
Tell me what you're all about.
When the cops come i'm screwed. you're scott free.
I'll see you around.

Caroline, or whatever the hell you're name is.
The girl who cant stop shitting out her mouth.
If you know so much about the way it is,
Then how come you're one drink from passing out.
Don't you know that the hole underneath your nose can be an instrument?
It depends if the owner has a clue, but you can just pretend.

I'm all wicked, i think, cause i look down on you.
But you don't have a thing to say, and i can't help it anyway.
I'm all wicked, cause i'm no better than yourself.
I just can't handle anymore of anything you said before.

I've been thinking about how i've been a fool all along.
I can't help it if that's what you believe.
Was there ever a doubt?
I knew i'd figure it out.
Without you there wouldn't be any room for me.

I'm all wicked.

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