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Now i am here so free
Walking with the rainbow's tears
Without past grief
But if you call me
My poor soul
Run with you so lost
Though at last in my heart i know
That all my life will be alone...
Why i'm alone again?
But why i don't stop my steps?
I've to find in the air a reason to live
I'd like to be a wall
Without sentiments or words
Close your eyes
Close your eyes and feel me
I am alone... so alone!
"i don't understand why i am alone
One more time... sometimes i think
That all my life is a dream"
I am waiting for you
Flying through the sky so blue
I'll dry my wounds
But if you need me
All my hope
Will fight if you fall
Though at last in my heart i know
That i always will be alone...

I'm alone and still
The snow burn inside of me
Under my skin
Now a beautiful melody
Is covering me slowly
I remember your voice that say:
"you live out of reality"

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