Lyrics of Angel eyes

The Strypes

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Release date : 01/01/2013

Duration : 0:04:1

Style : Alternative

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He walks inside, steals a wink,
You try to explain, but you ain't got time to think

You know he's bad news, but you take a glance,
His headlines say, you're on the right page for romance.

And you just fall, yeah you fall for them eyes,
Yeah you fall, you fall for angel eyes.

He drives you crazy, don't touch brakes,
You try to speed up, but he overtakes.

You move so quickly, so you miss the signs,
Forgotten where you're headed, but you don't seem to mind.

Well i'd love to steal your heart away,
But baby i ain't no thief, well i can be the bad guy,
No i ain't no lee van cleef

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