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Release date : 04/06/2012

Duration : 0:03:55

Style : Alternative

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I will never forgive the past
The time it pass away
My love is hard
You’ll never feel the same

I will never find the peace
The time my heart belongs to me
I will never be happy
If i am afraid

My daddy, my daddy is here
And i am just afraid about him

Short, time is sliding and turns around here
And is smearing as my saddest tears

Sleek, we can’t forget what happened
I cry my past and that is snow, but i will disappear

I want you to share
I want you to live
I want you to feel

I’m sorry to espress myself in english
Yeah i’m so sorry for that

Find the peace, find the truth inside
My music gives me every day

Now kingdom of time to poursue

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