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Lil Wayne

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Big james

Bam! bitch nigga lay face down and the dirt/ count the ants u jerk/ im the answer u jerk/ not like allen nor paul ear but u can still get hurt/ u got speak a little louder cause a nigga got small ear/ either that or he ain't wanted around here mothafuck/ i know get hunted around here mothafuck/ and they call me big james around here mothafuck/ got any problem call maine im here/ up in the fest nigga/ bumping vest nigga/ gonna out like a western ride/ is im wrestle naw/ but nigga still haven't learn lesson from that 88' accident/ this rap shit was a accident/ i suppose to sell crack and shit/ but came out kinda talented/ and i balance/ im ph balance nigga don't test me/ just might make u burst in to tear/ when switch from 1 to 3 gear/ pop my gat and the potato drop/ yo / but u ain't really that hood though/ yo girl really a hoe doe/ and ya whole hood know/ and i brought the chain really gold never eva rose/ with the very big my logo/ and the hoodie is over me all i need is the 44 man/ if u fuck with me it blow blow/ all man im oh so serious/ man i need find so more bitch/ and my flow oh so various/ i know no boundary/ no homo's around me just gangster man/ what the possibility/ of me falling off this rap shit/ and tomorrow i'll be/ across the from ya crib/ like behind the tree/ on my way to ya doorstep/ like behind the key/ man/ y'all nigga better keep buy me/ or bring out that bad guy in me/ u don't want that/ man they say the squad is too hot/ dey say it still be hot during august and july/ i don't want to go no more/ ........ fuck it we got that remix

If i put u on my hit list/ u gonna walk around with football equipment/ tha guns that we squeeze put bullets in ya chest/ cause we squeeze arm like blood pressure test/ i bet u want big james to slump ya clump ass/ i'll push a clip between ya lip and mustache/ touch my cash and taste the floor/ my 8 make ya face hot like straighten combs/ i wanna make this known if i don't blow fuck it/ i got ounces of haze that go for four hundred/ when the haze come in/ be on the block all night/ wit bags the size of monopoly dice/ if u caught snitchin then a cannon to ya rib/ i'll make u strip nake like d'anglo did/ i get more bread then u/ and get more head then u/ cause i do shit u scared to do/ maine...... eazzzzzyyyy

Ima the wrong one to fool wit/ i got 2 clit clit/ the pump will have u nasty like pool split/ u a bitch/ if u eva speak wrong/ i'll have ya hood nigga sing rest in peace song/ keep playin and wake up in a truck/ i'll u pussy bleed/ like it's that time of the month period/ im serious i hand out ounces/ i be running through abandon/ burn haze come back out and serve the block/ wit a bird in a landry detergent box/ and some dirty clothes/ so it does seem like im toss packs/ it just seem like im goin' to the laundromat/ it's a real shame/ especial/ when the jake know your/ ya face/ ya birthday/ and ya real name/ like yo kane/ and i still throw record lies/ and i flip pounds/ and i don't mean excise/ i make nigga upset when i rhyme/ u want to battle/ lets put some bets on the line/ if u run number we can get down right naw/ man write down my two way number/ if u tryna hear 'bout maine/ just dial 877954-/1893/ that what u nigga page went u tryna find me/ ..... bitch

We go to sleep with the fussin'/ then wake up to the fuckin'/ breakfast in bed/ don't forget my english muffin/

When i hit the block/ none of u nigga be standin'/ i'll pull the burner out my draws/ you gonna piss in ur panties/

Nigga want to fight/ i'll talk to hamburger/ who want beef/ who want beef/ when u look outside/ you will see cop being murda/

Had ta struggle for success/ hid grams in girls breast/ stick bricks ... under they dress/ nathin' more/ nathin' less/ cause i hustle/ ta be tha best/ in tha game/ wear diamonds in my chain/ so everythan' anit tha same/ boy thank i be playin'/ ima treat like tha same/ drag across tha street/ shoot him in the brain/ put him in tha house/ and pretend/ everythan is tha same/ ya boy lil maine/ but u can call me big james/ cause ima big/ in tha change/ but lil in the fam/ but everythan' gonna change/ when i get my pinky ring/ camera be on me/ like it was a super bowl ring/ but i still got super bowl change/ cause i put that white stuff in a super bowl man/ it's tha best/ u can test/ pull it out tha left side of my vest/ cause i deal tha best/ so tha block neva rest/

Money in my hand/ body on my heart/ good thang we got a forgiving god/ got a lot of bitch/ none got to my heart/ neva fall in love/ that's a bad start/ so i keep my girls away/ that's a distance part/ love my money/ never distance part/ stay a distance away from the snitchin' part/ snitchin ass nigga/ take away his lookin part/ ya/ ima all that and a bag of chips/ all day that what i do is bag some chips/ for what/ you know to shot up a bitch/ shot up his bitch/ if that bitch nigga start bitchin'/ ya/ no sympathy at all/ stay that way/ and nigga u will never fall/ fall down to the endless ditch/ that the endless pit/ its time to end this shit/ bitch....... my nigga tremaine s jackson aka big james

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