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Citizen King

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Release date : 26/02/1999

Duration : 0:03:28

Style : Rock

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Billyhilly, he's the king of the hill billhilly
He hits the sour mash swill billhilly
He made it off the farm
He's kickin' up dirt out on the loose

He haw ha chewin' on roots
Always down on the chicken shack
He's leavin' for the city and he ain't comin' back
Do the do se do with the off road
Know how cops a feel like he milks a cow

He's going far in the land of steel
Got everybody talkin' about the full moon
Swill life of the party buck knife rowdy
Slappin' his knee like laurel slapped hardy

Do se do on a concrete lotion
He put it all in motion jumpin' the barbed wire hoppin' the pool
Flintstone brakes using john deere tools
Jike jed clampett jumped the claim

Billhilly is his name, he's never meaning no harm
Yank out the plug, he's strummin' on a banjo a lot
Square dance hoedown rodeo and a bucket full of rocks
Passing the jug and the catfish

Crock-pot hayseed with a gun like a trumpet
Barefoot drinking from a dixie cup
Picking his teeth with an old switchblade loogie to the dew
Can 20 feet away from the coal mine to the combine
Ransack the shack and treat the girls fine

Day-in, day-out, always looking up when he takes downtown
Making soo-ee sounds
Now everybody on the block
Ain't wearin' no shoes, ain't wearin' no socks
Got the itch for the mountain way
Watchin' old billy and his jug band play

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