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Release date : 29/11/2010

Duration : 0:05:27

Style : Rock

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Tell me why
You act this way
What did i do or say
Is it what you expected i was going to do
You didn't leave me 'cause you knew i'd leave you
Who do you think you are
Obviously it ended up this way again
You made me loose just so you could win
Who do you think i am
Rage inside of me
'cause blind eyes don't see
Taking my sight
By tears i do bleed
Freezing cold soul
Dark feelings you own
Suck the love out of me
Like a vicious black hole
Now do you see what you're doing to me
Can you even imagine what the hell i feel
Why are you doing this
I'm wondering if this might be a sick game
If it's not you then who the fuck is to blame
I can't take this shit no more

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