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Release date : 12/06/2009

Duration : 0:04:31

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(cory gunz)

Get ready. get setted steady.
Bloody spaghetti shredded.
Heavy debted. credently
For bludging get jelly-spread.
The melody let me let it.
Go medly lindsey at it.
Coke addicts with envy.
N nicole richie n britneys habit.
Cass, a lotta rappers seem militant, n be itchin' addicts .
Puttin nuthin but wood on da shelves like a kitchen cabinet.
If i feel da static. i peel the matic. yall gets the static.
The cal. will go sporedic. (bling). thats not so radical
Come to no compatible establishment.
U broke-nose, for tryin' to mike jones my ozone.
Behold embarrassment
Shit im *heared* as an afghani terrorist
Im poppa's tool when im trying to bring yall hailly marias
Take a risk *eating brew fever*, stare at dis.
U dont live m.o.b. . . u nuthin but a queer therapist.
N*** my m.o.b. get that money. even no t. no penalty.
When no c. that dinero b. that all i see mentally.
I shift yall from manual to automatic physically.
Chemistry cant infiltrate my men in street.
We in da street - you industry.
Larceny, militia n****. march wit us.
If not, cass put em on sum whole nother chart from us.
Body bags.


Yeah, that's what i'm talkin' bout cory gunz,
We gotta refresh these niggas memories,
I guess they got amnesia and forgot that we bout our business. lets get em'

I got my hand on my damn cock/
And i coped a gun so big it could probubly kill handcock/
I aint a rat, me talkin to the damn cops/
Is like lewis fericon eatin hamhocks/
Imma gorilla but im slicker than a damn fox/
Been cool since pre-school playin in the sand box/
Imma hustla i used to hand tha gram na'
I can stand on the corner sellin gram after gram ha'/
And no im not from japan ha'/
It just look like its asian in me/ cuz i keep the hasian in me/
I been in jail, i got a couple 100 dayz ^ n me/
But i still keep the ak and the razor wit me/
I ball hard so other ballers is afraid to stick me/
Cuz if i get fouled ill probubly shoot the teck/
And you can be the next nigga ill shoot to def/
I wild-out,but if i foul out ill shoot the ref/
Im happy when im in the coupe' but the roof depressed/
Cuz i always put them down the trunk is where i put them now/
I got doe, ever since 0 put a pound in my hand/
I been the man, you should put the crown on my dome/
Im on the phone havin conference callz/ wit millionare "yeah" looked what i accomplished ya'll/
And i aint tryna take a life i got a contience ya'll/
Plus the cops send you ^ north like the compass ya'll/
I was 17 living out in yanker ya'll/
Signed to ruffriders wit a flow that was bonkers ya'll/
I can even lie, you can bmy, you can ask swiss too, sb and kiss too/
You can ask dmx, the female pitt 2/ and they'll let you know all the battles i had to get threw/
You can ask dragon sheek about how i had to eat/
Thousands of muffuckaz, yup, man i had the streets/
But aint no money in battlin'/
And i had to eat/
I can spit reckless but i had to make a hit record/
And now i make hit record after hit record/ and i make chicks get naked like this check it/
I juss lick my lips on some ll shit/
And make em' laugh on some david chappelle shit/
And they be on some lets go to the hotel shit/
And i give em' hard dick on some just got out of jail shit/
The innocent man, been in the can/
And i neva made a statement never been on the stand/
And its all about the benjamins man...real talk/
And you dude cant walk in my timbalands man/
And m y sneeks dont fit you/ the streets dont fuck wit you/
And i sip champain/
And i throw back shots/
And smoke pot the color of a apple jacks box/
I rap but i sold crack rocks/
And had the block jumpin like the frogs on the honey smacks box/
You digg em"....body bags!!!!!!!!!!

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