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Clark Kent Phone Booth

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Release date : 12/05/2012

Duration : 0:04:1

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Shy boys sitting near the tracks
Of an unknown station
Still theyre waiting for that train
Guess they call it hope
In this world that blows away our own words
In this world that breaks down promises
In this world that turns us into robots
In this world be stronger than your mask
Born to losealive to win
Born to losealive to win
We are just like open books with a secret code
We put lots of pages deep inside our soul
Though we were born to lose
With many tracks to choose
Since tonight
Were alive to win
Rifles in a baby carriage
When the moon gets bloody red
Serious as a prayerbook
Riots in the avenues
Lets wake our hidden nests up
Lets wear what we have inside
Though it could be not in style,
Its what we really are
In this world where people are forgotten
In this world remember who you were
And where you came from

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