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Angie Stone

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Release date : 23/08/2002

Duration : 0:04:49

Style : Soundtrack

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Like a bird flies, rising hi above the trees
Its about time to let your love run away with me,
But bring your heart.

Every body wants me to be what they want me to be.
Said it feels so good to have somebody who loves me for me.
Said i am empty no more, love is hitting me right to the core,
Here to let you know im feeling you for sure,
Sugar dont fret (dont do it, no).


If theres a problem baby, ill go out my way to try to fix it.
Whenever you leave to go to work by, its your love that ill be missing.
The kids to school fix your food; rub your back, anything else that pleases you.
I want to be your special kind of fool.

(bring your heart to me)

You can bring your heart, joy, mind, body and soul (bring it to me).
This loving wont stop; its all that i got to have and to hold.
Seven days a week, we gone keep it street, its sweet.
Ill be loving you, baby through and through no matter what you do, do, do, do.


Its alright, its ok, let your love run away with me.
Its alright, its ok, let your heart run away with me.
Its alright, its ok, let your love run away, its free.


Nobody understands me better than you.
Everything i am and everything i ever hope to be


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