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Celadon Candy

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Broken into pieces
My disease is
That i care.
About the world, and the people living in the world.
Show me pictures of starving children
I get angry, then change the station
Still more picture of starving children
I get angry, then i get hungry
When i worked for unicef
It seemed to be the way, for jesus to get my autograph
I sing their tears away.
Choking, over treacle.
They cannot hear from over there
We made a movie, then shot the sequel
Documentaries, 'cos we care.
Cue the pictures of starving children
Change the angle, change location
Still more victims like dying children
Nominate me for an elie
Then we posed for photographs
Everyone was brave
A smile, a hug, and gentle laugh
Will feed their pain away
Words on broken phonographs
Reeking with decay
Close our eyes to circumstance
Hope it goes away
I'm broken, broken
We're broken, broken...

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