Lyrics of Brown paper bag thoughts

Dj Clue

pochette album Brown paper bag thoughts
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Release date : 15/12/1998

Duration : 0:03:15

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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These niggas man, what's the matter wid these niggas man?
Nah man i'm puttin this shit up, fuck dat man
Ya'll niggas want me to be a crook again
I know how to do that man don't even play wid me like that yo

We spit rap and fire brown paper bag
Gat rap go whack and float acrooss the map
Floss that anything yell endorse that
Electric company money honey gin romie

Wrap 'em like a mummy his style bummy
Puffy johnson charles bronson mix fly
Deuce flicks new and improved clicks wu kit
Blood on the barrel of a desert out in the desert

No shade'll live in my square blow the present clue
Red meat shallah want adapt to collect acting like you
Killer on some serial killer you wack duke shirt off
React like i'm bagging up stabbing up what collect
A brick pop shit in the six trunk

Nah nah man, nah man you wanna have that shit again
Why you ain't taking this shit to be something that
It really is man, this you life man
Shoalin and desert storm
This mic man he he acting stupid on me man
What what what?

Moseyin thousand dollar uniform you want
Celine dion chickenheads yo straight out of houston
Big ballers wall to wall brawlers die for us
Lie for us, snatch white man money cry for us

Creepin' through the halls on a keyboard
Friendly blessed dress and all fendi
Voice rock don't offend me intimidation make
Me blow for the station rep for one nation
Ghetto bust like revelation, analyze

Analyze, losin' two wives livin' two lives
Crew rise american cream new guys
Two hundred pies get rich and plan sweet
Rappin' like mines you writing like mines they lines

Grab my dick stay in line we come to whip nines
Hold lot of carrying time and teaching crackers how to shine
Oh yeah one thing recognize fucking wit the young
Keep 'em organized rest in peace, donny, my soul cries, what?

I dunn hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it
Natural light up, light up, that's my word
This is this is for clue right here dunn

I'm third rail though half seal and i blow robert de niro dough
Gundelero let the steel blow, here me yo, wild trump style
Dunns connect three hundred ones while
Floating like a mackerel, that's bad

Most craziest laziest all i seeing blazes
Majorness mechanic wreckor on a beige disc
Payin whether level bank rolls freakin'
Plain clothes lex big six arrange those snotty nose

Pose dark skinned hoes crazy ill fly jersey exposed
Neck rolls fuck your set flash let those stare the
Lex nose watching vet po posing wit the most fly
Livest gortex made in mexico, bring fifteen five
Celine dion ties two thousand nine bubble eye shit

Dj clue killuminati
John gotti story right here fella
Huh, yeah, word up

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