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Rap:yo' it's time to party.what you waiting fo?an,skip need to get your back off the wall and let's party.can't nobody tell you what to do.this is your do what you wanna do.c'mon
Verse 1:we gon have some fun.we gon tear down this thing tonite.come up feeling, i don't know about you but i'm gon have me some fun.come home late at nite.

Chorus:this is the ch party.evrybody is don't have to tell your parents.don't let them know.or you'll be so lame.

Verse2:now,where you wanna's all right me as long as you know what you're doing.don't make me boring.don't hold back on what you to say it's all right with me.c'mon dance with me.


Rap:this is not a see,i've been you for a long time.and you ain't doing nothing.what's the matter?you scared now.cause all these people surrounding you.they just her to have some fun.not scare you or bother you.get on the dance floor and shake your you never shook it before.


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