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Gie Few

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Release date : 25/11/2008

Duration : 0:04:14

Style : Rock

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I haven't been able to make that sound for quite some time
It's been described as a rock crying out for somewhere to land or someone to throw it
You could have taken me to the place of the one who took my place
Instead you said 'i'll just kiss him on the face like judas did & that's how you'll know it'

I'll bet you wish you'd let the old man fall on his head
& tumble down the hillside
Cause looking back on it & holding your hand out instead
It seemed like such a cheap time

You're not remembering it was you who started this mess you're in
You keep forgetting your the wall the car crashed into or through, or maybe you're the car
I could have warned you but the obvious points are the hardest to make
& you've been up a certain creek so long that a paddle wouldn't cut it, you're gonna need an oar

& if you feel like none of this was worth it - well you're right
& if you feel like none of us deserves this - well we might
& if you feel like trying to rebuild this - well you're on your own

I could have reached out but the easiest words are the hardest to take
& you've been climbing up that hill so long that a ladder wouldn't cut it, you're gonna need a crane

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