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Kanye West

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(intro) 13, feel the sunlight, horus

(verse 1: cinos)
Conceived in the millenium of powering. illuminate my body let the sunlight devour me. the eye of horus watches me from heights and perfect sight. no fear, no fright when your connected to the light. (save me) traitors walk the earth polluting all the cathedrals. vampire flow, i drink the blood of jesus. shape shifting nigga extract the stars from light, daywalker nigga i break the dawn at night . fallen angels unite, bring siege to the savagery. with one midas touch will drop a king from his balcony. one breathe of air can blackout a whole city. spirits fly, millions cry, people die no pity. witch crafters they cursing me, egyption king worshiping. no way to depict it but decipher hieroglyphics. so you better hold your tounge tight, we all need the sun right? imagine to know what its like to complety control the sunlight. thats power nigga, thats power nigga, now you better cower nigga. put your lights up and do it for hours

(verse 2: cinos)
Think i'm playing i change the weather in spite quick. monster unchained with the world in his vice grip. ocean full of blood better switch to plan b, 1 light,1 slice and i'm splitting the red sea. gun powder on my tounge i'm facing the barrel. king of all kings, the descendants of pharaohs. i'm not saying that you know me, i'm saying that you chose me. hold horus in your heart amd your chest will be glowing. don't buy that shit so what, cause i'm really on some dope shit? bigger than the notion that everthing is a cult shit. this more pain, hurt, abused and maimed. blood, sweat and tears with a slight chance of rain. cremated ashes collected from humans neglected. i took that to the heart now i'm switching perspectives. if you dont understand i dont give a fuck. pyramids in your wallet while you self destruct, and you see its almost time you want to pary for change. staring at the sun as your body prays for rain. a beautiful illustration of mass percipitation, the new anticipation nigga the light is waiting. you can come to it or better yet run to it. as it goes into body bringing the sun to it? the feeling so strong you can't ignore it ,don't thank me do it for horus

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