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Lower Dens

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I wish i could feel anything at all but i’m just a pile of want and doubt we’re having people over later on bring caroline and the effigies there are days when i imagine myself falling through space for the rest of time come right in and sit beside the fire we’ll have someone bring you a tray of pigs in blankets you look (voice a) really uncomfortable if i'm being honest (voice b) pale. did you hit something on your way over? (voice a) is there something we should know about? (voice b) can’t say you look quite like yourself, friend we just want to help oh look it’s pendergast and his associates they’ll know just what to do in fact i think they’ve seen this kind of thing before don’t worry, relax, you’ll be fine just lie back and stop squirming please listen to us we have your best interests in mind we’ve had our eyes on you for a long, long time (voice a) we want to explore infinite possibilities of knowing you (voice b) this gives you some time to find a way to relate to us, and us to you you’ll see for yourself we’ll be welcoming you to the inner lair won’t be long babe, hush now this won’t hurt at all

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