Lyrics of Cookin a lot

Rod Mccoy

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"i been cooking a lot lately, whippin up in a pot a plot maybe. make a drop on ya block when i jot, nigga i'm not gonna stop! me and my dogs we got rabies. the illest of our breed in existence, behind bars i leave these beats in a sentence, peep my linguistics. yeah.. alabama nigga with the symptoms, of being real dope like the simpsons, hr, not the hour but the "homer" type, i played a lil baseball in my former life, was "son-ing" niggas like the bottle and the formula type, similac for whack niggas worldwide all alike. i'm trying to seek a lil recognition, but you know i'll stay true man, i promise that i'm never switching. i'm tyson beating up the beat like it' robert givens, if i aint shitting on em, i'm simulating robert pissin. a metaphor, no bullshit, no matador. my flow real nasty like i aint got no mat at the door. life's a bitch, you know if you met her before. right now she winning but i'm aiming to level the score. my tactics are like calculated chess moves, or like a general in battle with the best troops. right now i'm climbing up this ladder to the next roof, looking for my target when i find it imma just shoot."