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Ello.. scuse me, yeah can i get these ina 8 yeah,
You know what further more gumme the black ones, and da white ones, ina 8.
Yeah.. yeah..

Verse 1 - frisc

Yeah yeah 1, 2 check it, only the runaway crep i step in,
My trainer collections overly sick rudeboy i got so many kicks im reppin,
I keep stepping i step lickle harder, if i aint covered in gucci or fendi then trust me the outfits gotta be prada.
Tell these mc's try lickle harder, try lickle harder, try hard but dont try wit tha frada forget the pilarva.
For me im on that ting like safe its cool, and come back around like karma.
Fam, you wont see me in cheap creps, book a flight to ny and come back wit a couple creps dat ya eyes aint seen yet,
Man are like yo frisc i need dem, creps i got so much of dem, nike and adidas i got nuff a dem, but you wont see me rocking no calipso trainers, nahh got no love for dem. stan smith & gazelles got loadsa dem air force 1s im known for dem, real talk, im nice wit da gucci kicks, you know fris put nuttin else over dem.

Corus - frisc

You cant test my crep collection, so many crep got big selection, i buy crep in tha runaway section, what am i wearing today?
Shall i put on my gucci's? yeah dat works, shall i go for my jordan's? yeah dat works, shall i put on my stan smiths, hmm i dunnno, or what about your air max, yeah i hear dat.

2nd verse - wiley

When i step in my creps glow up coz there fresh, give the playstation, air max a rest.
My collection you could never test, its like nike told me to invest so i splashed out, size 8 i rated the gucci & pradas
Yep me and my crew we are crep masters in the adidas crep, if it dont fit you can tell me where the half is
Even got a harachi boot ice berg suit so many kicks and garms gotta ice my youts, they might start to feel left out when i step through ina new griffy boot. 97s you aint gotta clue i go back to 92 t double us, all typa of d & g crep no sharp shoe
Crep check me any day i pass through, any day i passed you i got a runaway slyly, next step on the map nike air wiley.
Divide the money and my brand divide me, most paid role cost the money that i put into my crep collection, want it right by me, wanna get back what ive splashed out slyly, buy crep in da runaway section nike towns where you find me.

Chorus x2

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