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I do believe you don't need any proof
But that won't give me any truce, now
You see that nothing can appease me all the same
That's why i stand aloof
You lay awash and undecided
You're at the mercy of my moody tides
Why don't you drop your
Cosy creed of solid thoughts
And change your point of view
By sitting on a treetop, and...

Fill the daylight with your wild call
Leaves now whistle and quiver
To tell your own will not to stall

The sun will sting my eyes up here above
But i just keep exposing myself
The rain is holy water sprinkling
And it's heresy to shun it all
So i'll let its touch erode me
And i...

Fill the daylight with my fierce call
Branches are creaking and
Assurance's breaking down
Will cheer me up to face the fall

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