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John Cale

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Sooner or later she said she'd be my friend
Honest and faithful till the very end
Well enough of that i'm tired of hearing it anyway
She turns and smiles says goodbye in her inimical way

Happy to see her in the back of a magazine
Lying there nude sporting that stupid grin
So get on with it straight on and porno bound
But leave me out of it i'm not that proud

Would've have taken you a long long time
Yes it would've taken'you a long long time

Happy to see her in the back of a limousine
Laughing and crying at everything she'd seen
Well enough of that she should have known better anyway
When i told her what i'd seen she was so ashamed

Yes it would have taken me a long long time
Well it would've taken me a long long time

The a year from monday everything i said came true
That's when the d.a. called me he said dead or alive for you
They found her
Dead or alive
I want you dead or alive she said ............(xx times)

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