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"thats the shit.
Twiztid, twiztid we givin em wigsplits.
Wigslpits, wigsplits.
Twiztids givin wigsplits."

(jamie maddrox)
We cracks yo head in half.
Wasn't shit funny but we laughed.
Twiztid runnin this bitch for 9 dash.
A car crashin is no equivlant.
We far from innocent.
Crossin the valley and we gets ignorant.
Actin belligerent on a daily.
Hoping that somebody can save me, but i guess im dead wrong.
All by myself.
Fuck everyone else im in a hole.
And i cant breath my lungs swoll.
Bad dreams when im sleepin.
Everybody constantly creepin.
Feelin so weakened i cant see em.
My conscience keeps leavin me fallin in and out.
Wakin up in puddles of sweat and kottenmouth.
Them down south niggas dont know about this.
And niggas on the west side way to pissed.
Because these east side niggas talkin hardcore shit.
Enough to get the northside hit, we the shit!
We legit like a motha fucka.
Chillin with million dollar peoples.
Diggin up graves and actin evil.
You lookin for the sequel.
More like somethin close to equal.
You rappers dont need a sequel
L bitcheikes in toledo what

(chorus 4x)
Die motha fucka
Die motha fucka

(monoxide child)
I smoke to many cigerettes and get high to much.
Dont work enough, shit is to rough.
I could give a fuck less if the whole world blow up.
Or what gangsigns niggas throw up.
Im to fed up to keep my head up.
So i let it drag.
Cant afford a belt so my pants sag.
Everybody seems to be a fag or a lesbian.
But what the fuck happen.
Is what im questionin.
The president is predjudice against you and me.
Then he takin half our money.
And he chillin tax free.
And if you ask me thats another smack in the face.
We need to burn the white house and piss in his face.
And every judge should do a minimum of twenty to life.
If they can dish it they can take it tell me that aint right.
And every cop should be beat like rodney king.
Nonstop from the summer till the turn of spring.
Shove a doughnut in they mouth and a badge in they ass.
Because the pigs dont get no class.
They get they wigsplit.

(chorus 4x)

(monoxide child)
My life is falling to pieces
Fuck you i hope you die.
In a casket where i lie.
Burn my body so i wont attract flies.
In my eyes a look a terror cold as ice.
So what if i slit my wrist once or twice.

(jamie maddrox)
Now i could split your wig with my aluminum bat.
Or i could blow your eardrums with my braindead rap.
And you could call it this or that.
But i sway to the other.
Word the monoxide child my brother.
No other represent this.
Effervescent, knowledge full twiztid education i got the lesson.
Money textbook.
Kill the next motha fucka that look.
Always shakin never shook yeah.
Get your wigsplit bitch and we out.
Get your wigsplit bitch and we out.
Get your wigsplit bitch and we out.
Tell these motha fuckas what we talkin bout!

(chorus 4x)

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