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Nuclear Assault

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Release date : 01/01/2006

Duration : 0:02:14

Style : Rock

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You always talk about yourself in contradictions
Stuck in recking and verbal consciousness distinction
Help yourself and try to rationalize
The keys to change are held within your mind

Back where we've started from lost in concentration
You've got to stop and open up your eyes
You tell me which side of the fight the guilt's on
I'll tell you which side you'll find me on

Tell me everything that's wrong with your life
Is my fault because i'm whit?e
I don't buy into this assumed fault
Of slavery's wrongs laid at my door

Screw your lawsuits forty acres and your mule
If you think i owe towards that you are such the fool
Stop blaming everything on discrimination
And take a long hard close look at yourself

Waste your time playing blame the man games
Get off your asses and get yourself in the game
This isn't racism at it's ugly worst
It's asking what you've done to help yourself first

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