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Release date : 29/01/2008

Duration : 0:02:05

Style : Alternative

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My cases sit right in front of me
Waiting for someone to take my away
Alone i sit my pills are kicked in

See i'm a dog and i'm locked in my cage
Eyes are red, tongue is hanging out
Thirsty as shit, i'm still a dog

Fleas don't itch i got a bath the other day
Before this trip, wonder where we're going
Toys are packed see my bed is in
My two bowls are somewhere in reach

I'll scratch with rage until i find a way
To get through this cardboard that sits under me
It's cold down here, a bumpy ride

My seats not first class, man's best friend
I feel befriended this is a dog's life
Okay we're here, things are okay again
A brand new lawn just to welcome me here

Scratch my ears and i'll chase down your ball
Looks like this new place will be home
For now it won't take much to go
To sleep after going through all this
Wake up tomorrow and we'll do it again
Living a dog's life

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