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Gene Simmons

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Release date : 08/08/2013

Duration : 0:03:07

Style : Rock

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(bag, gene simmons)

That's right
You know i kinda love ya (yeah)
All the way to the bitter end
Because you're breaking my balls
You're making me crawl
On all fours again (aw)

I like it rough (ha-ha)
You know i like that rough stuff

I don't need your affection
Let me shake and lift a leg (yeah)
Your eyes are a-gog
I'll bark like a dog
And let's roll in bed

I like it

And when i take your body
So help me god
We go all night long
Let me tie you up
And you make me bark like a dog (yeah)

And you say, "what big eyes you have"
And i say, "better to see you with" (hmmm)
And you say, "what big arms you have"
And i say, "the better to hold you with"
And you say, "that's a big tongue you've got"
And i say, "the better to eat you with my dear" (ha-ha-ha)

I like it
Again and again and again
Ow ow ow

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