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Burnt By The Sun

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Release date : 22/01/2002

Duration : 0:03:22

Style : Rock

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I can still hear the fear behind your last gasp
Even above the flat slaps of my thumbs against this desk
You take a moment to rewind in your mind
If only you hadn't opened that hole beneath your nose

I'm talking to a walking wall following a faulted call
Hatred twisted your mind backwards so you suffer the truth
In your mind you prevail, standing the test of tests
By blind reflex i accept your challenge

Argumentative vein, anger maintained
My response is to let no job go restrained
Stand behind what you've said that's made this room grow dim
And what's made my eyes turn red

Mind to mind, i know your kind
Try and convince me that you're right
Because your skin is white
(let's enter your mind)

Let's see what you can do, let's see
(my standards are high, i will expect a whole lot from you
But you're not what you think)
Men like you made the sky turn red
(this smells like failure, what a waste of time)

Men like you mad the sky turn red
(can't you smell it? it's as thick as life)
And this won't be the last time

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