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Release date : 18/11/2011

Duration : 0:04:08

Style : Pop

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I was living by expect the worse and hope for the best
And in ym world keep falling down i lost our hope
By some coincidence you came into that world
And you asked me why why given up my smile and... on every girl
Broken heart is not the issuein a...
I can say i miss you is broken promise... fucking get you
They say not to expect too much but i don't see how we don't' ever last
If... the past.
If i think about it too much you want me...
I'm counting my lucky...
I've never seen other... before
Girl i don't know what i supposed to do
And you can be my guide if i take your hand
Show me the way just help me understand
You don't even have to make a sound
Baby don't let me down, downdown down
Don't let me down down downdown
Down down down, i need a... to say

Don't let me down down downdown
So girl teach me how be patient now
I wanna love somehow
I try the honest good guy
I tried the hottest style
Can't too much and not at all
And i just never found the balance
So i continue to fall for any chick that told me
What i wanna hear love's theonly thing i fear
What that shit can do to you
I swear it ain't just never clear
I can't afford the... no is not potential
So we even if i leave you
Come without and always...
Don't give up on me no matter what i know
I tend to disappoint
I know love is not perfect
Not could in... up you on a pedestal
But i'm sure you would admire
'cause baby i know you worth it
Baby don't let me down

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