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Orange 9mm

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There are certain times when i wished i wasn't so alive,
And i would take it out on people like they were dead
I blow them away with words so red,
It chops their skulls from their shoulders,
And they run circles till they fall off the face of the earth
It only works if i know enough about you to pierce your heart,
Your soul, and if you've pierced mine
It only works if you've touched me soft with patterns of trust
I disengage the bond if my paranoia seeps to the surface like vomit
Why do you even bother?
It happens when i hate myself to the bone
Broken mirror i feel alone
Did you ever wonder if i smiled at home away from your prying eyes?
Did you ever wonder if i smiled at home away from my worldly disguises?

Deep thought crushes me with bombs and ill-will feeds on
Interpretation until i'm inhuman, a beast
I resent you for your cold streak
Backwards i walk, talk, and think
I lose myself in a cradle of a sadistic hate
I slowly shake
It rings in my blood, and i salivate like a chorus of cats in heat,
For the slightest contact, with my sharp long looks and calls
I starve for attention
I run from myself towards a wall
There's no escaping me, i jump and stall
Your hand still clutching my ankle,
I viciously let go with thoughts, yells, rivers, translations of my life from hell,
In the split second before the concrete smashes my face
They cut you deeply i smell your blood like a fiend, and reach even deeper,
I masturbate mentally with the strange power pain has blessed me with
I can't stop until you hit the floor
My arms i hold out, i let you fall thru them
Secretly smiling i bring you down to my level of broken-ness

We're such dragons

Maybe if i loved myself m

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