Lyrics of Drama

Sean Dempsey

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A liar,
A cheat,
It's bad
What you do that for
Look where you are now
Here we go

(verse 1)
Dont be fooled by good girl personna
She will put the knife right where they wanna

Now the good girl suddenly turned bad
Don't cha think what she did was kinda sad

You had to get so foolish (at a party)
Who knew you could be stupid (your so naughty)

Your starting this x4


(verse 2)
Now i wonder what shes thinking
Is it really all for show

She slipped up and let it go
This is one case that we will never know

What you think your talking bout now
What you think your looking at now

Coming over here what you want baby
Coming over here what you need baby


Now your looking at us
Like you want us to apologize
Now your looking at us
Like you want us to syncronize

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