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Jhuryll Phoenix

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You been drinking
I've been drinkin
Were both just sitting here looking at each other faded
Are you thinking, what i'm thinking?
I wanna get your bad ass body in that bed

I want you, na na
I wanna feel your body grinding on me baby
I want you
I wanna see ya faded naked baby i want you na na

Your feeling lit so you bite your lip then you proceed to take another sip
You take hit, girl i thought you quit?
Chocking so good like you on my d***

I want you, na na
I can have any woman i want, but there's no one that compares, to you
I don't know how ya do it so come over here and prove it
I want you

And i woke up this morning like how the hell did you get in my bed

Drunk in love

Watchu doing out there
Aint watchu doing in here
Go a lil faster
Baby put up your hair

Don't know watchu thinking
But i'm bouta have u thinking
You shoulda started drinking
That bottle right there

You say u only have fun when u drinking
But babe i'm bouta have u rethinking
Bouta have u so drunk in love
You watch the bubbles float up
Cuz your gunna be sinking

Now wait hold up don't panic
Got bottles on icebergs like titanic
I'll keep hold of that white irish rose if you never let go of that jack daniels

That's was cold & hard
Just like your nipples are
After the ice cube i use for 4 play
Damn i'm thinking today was a good day
I'm tryin live tonight the same way

Cuz i'm drunk enough for the both of us now lay your body down lemme show u the lust
We bouta rock the boat but first take it slow making microwaves i'm bouta heat this bitch up

I do it
Baby girl knows how i do it
Sippin on a 6 pack
While you lickin on my six pack
Pull out the gold pack then i come thru it

Drunk in love

No no no cigars
But there's smoke coming from the sheets, baby you are a star you do it
Can u feel the friction between me and you, i kno u do, you do

Oh baby, i woke up this morning with your head on my chest
Oh baby, i woke up this morning with my hand on your breast

Now i'm sinking between your legs
While my body is sinking into the bed
And i show you my tongue twister
Whisper while i kiss ya
On your lips like this sweet bliss you moan cuz u can't resist cuz i never miss
You love it when i caress ya like this
They call me weird cuz i eat it eat it
But she call me mj cuz i beat it beat it

Beat it up like mohammad ali, golly
She grinding on my pole then popped an ollie like a skateboard, skateboard, skateboard naw mean
Your not my lover billie but i'm bouta split the seams oh your favorite jeans

You have to admit this remix is sick
If i do say so myself x3

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