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Cels Dupri

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(verse 1)
She hit me up
Said come on over
Ima beat it up
That's what i told her
Put on my shit
I made it there
She the baddest bitch
She made it clear
Bit her ear
Sucked her neck
Licked her chest
Made it wet
Seen a river
Kissed her hips
Damn its flowing lady
Lemme take a sip

When we get to it
We get wild
Buck wild
Its called dupri style
She know how i do it
She scream loud
So loud
Its called dupri style

She been fiening for it
So ima give it to her x4

(verse 2)
I kissed her pearl
Spread her lips
Gave it licks
Her pussy bomb as shit
She rode my face
She put the hurting on me
I told her squirt all on me
Its like dessert all on me
I layed her down
Slid the condom back
I told her don't you worry
Ima handle that
I slid it in her
I slid it out her
I put it deep
She screaming louder

(verse 3)
Flipped her on her stomach
Her pussy running
She moaning something
Gotdamn she want it
I gripped her ass
Put it in the air
Arched her back out
Then i pulled her hair
Say my name
Say my name
Beat it up
And then she came
One time
Two times
I told you baby
Dupri styles

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