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Handsome Family

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We came down the black dirt hill
'tween the rows of blooming peaches.
And we scattered leaping fawns
As we fell in to the ditches.

Ahead of me ran jackson
Who took a bullet to the chest.
And beneath the swaying peaches
Jackson slowly bled to death.

But as his green eyes dimmed
I saw a fiery mist.
Drift softly to the clouds
From between his cold blue lips.

Now my eyes were open
I stood up between the guns.
I saw trails of smoke and fire
Flying everywhere i looked.

Like hands of glowing light
Trailing up from fallen peaches.
And around the running fawns
Leaping through the branches.

Across the corpses on the hills
The sunset spread her flames.
And her glowing fingers held me
As they dug my shallow grave.

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