Lyrics of Fallin'

Kim Richey

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Release date : 04/03/1997

Duration : 0:04:33

Style : Country

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Feeling stronger
Uptown and braver
I'm moving straight through yesterday
Full on and higher now
I'm wading through the doubt
Opened up, i'm turning every page
And i went outside and i
Looked up at the late night sky
And i saw a star fall down
And i thought as it blazed across the night
I remember fallin'
I remember fallin'
Best friend and lover
Felt like forever
Every fiber, every day
Nobody quite like you
Never a voice so true
Too bright to ever fade away
Repeat chorus
The story's over and i've lived through the ending
But that doesn't mean i wouldn't
Do it all again
I remember fallin'
I remember fallin'
I remember fallin'
I remember

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