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I pledge obedience for the brag
Of the united states of amoebica
And to the repugnance for which it stands
One nation under goth in denial
With obesity and prejudice for all

Timids fucks gone way off the edge
Anachronistics, thin end of the wedge
Flashing values out of keep with today
Dangerous fanatics hunting enemies to slay

Hypocrites far beyond consistence
Take it from someone observing at a safe distance
Faranchise burka king to al-queda for profit
Still, youre offended by a prime time black tit

Youre with us or against us
Tell you what, mr. wuss
And make no mistake about my shit
I wont be part of your game

One nation under god
One nation overboard

Christian coalition
Obedience nra
Ignorance pmrc
Now censor this
You phobic puritans
All shit to me

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